I’m a Kittitian-born Product Designer based in ATL. I previously led design for AI and AR experiences at Meta.

AI and AR related projects are under NDA

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Facebook Discover

2019 - 2020 · Meta

A top priority for the Facebook product between 2018 - 2019 was to build experiences aimed at helping people dive deeper into content related to their interests. Within a team of 3 designers, I led design and strategy for feed layout and content formats within FB Discover.

Facebook Search

2019 · Meta

Link to live version of the project

Closely collaborated with the Design System and UXR teams to lead the redesign of the Search experience for Facebook's web platform. This included introducing more robust filtering and rethinking content formats within SERP (search engine results page).

AI System Cards

2021 – 2022 · Meta

Link to live version of the project

Established a scalable framework that brings transparency to the inner-workings of AI Systems at Meta and the AI industry at large in a way that can be understood by anyone (technical / non-technical). The framework has since been adopted by numerous companies, including Open AI.


2019 · Freelance Client

Designed a product experience to help field technicians assess signal strength from cellphone towers to determine the best location for installing NB-IOT (wireless sensors) devices on buildings.

Shop Express

2018 – 2023 · Founder

Built, designed and ran an online grocery shopping and delivery platform in St.Kitts and Nevis for 5 years. In addition to the consumer platform, I also built and designed a product which enabled personal shoppers to manage their orders and pay.

Image of the home screen for Shop Express


2020 – Current · Founder (non-profit)

Link to live version of the project

Built, designed and currently run a platform which provides exposure for freelancers within St.Kitts & Nevis who may not otherwise have an online presence besides social media. This provides a convenient space for locals and visitors to easily find service providers.

Image of the home screen for Akses


2022 - Current

I'm very passionate about giving back to my home country, St.Kitts. As part of Akses I began Product Design Workshops to help introduce Kittitians to the discipline. My hope is that it will result in more career opportunities for my countrymen / women and eventually shed light on the importance of advancing the digital landscape of the broader Caribbean.